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Lead Floral Designer & Owner

How it all began...

What started out as a 16 year old taking a summer job quickly became one of my life's great passions. I love ALL things flowers. It makes my heart truly smile to share in my clients' special moments and to help make those milestones memorable.

After gleaning some input from you, I create fully custom floral options

and design uniquely within your preferences and budget. For weddings and events, I present your options package and you are free to choose as you wish from each design category. You want to pick the most extravagant bridal bouquet with one of the more conservative boutonnieres? Go for it!

It's completely up to you.


"Kelly is simply wonderful to work with! Her originality, attentiveness to detail, and love for her work comes through to all projects and clients she takes on. She is reasonable and can work with a shoestring budget or an event fit for a red carpet. I even was able to take a few of her fresh arrangements home after an event and they stayed stunning for much longer than I expected from fresh flowers. As a professional I would totally recommend what Kelly has to offer!"

—  Haley, wedding professional

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